home theatres
Media Calm Home Theaters….the rich sound, the large HD screen and the movie theater atmosphere for your home.

Media Calm’s custom-designed home theaters represent tailored designs created and completely built by Media Calm in concert with the specific wishes and requirements of our clients.

Let us help you create home theater that you have envisioned. With our custom home theater design services, we can create your own unique home cinema, complete with special acoustics, all interior finishes, a large film screen and THX rated high quality surround sound. Media Calm designs, supplies, installs and automates your complete theater all with our professional team.

State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to enjoy sound and image quality in your home cinema that rivals and can surpass the best commercial movie theaters. Media Calm can even recreate the theater ambiance in your home, with a specially crafted home theater environment, cinema seating, custom mill work and audio video furniture.

You’ll soon realize that the comfort and quality of a custom home cinema is the ultimate way to watch High Definition/Blu-ray movies, HDTV and a multitude of video sources.

For any questions or to make an appointment for your home consultation, call 404.551.5423 or email us.