Steve Person began Media Calm after 20+ years of highly personalized audio-video consulting, design, sales and installation. He gained his experience by working in award-winning Custom Electronic Design and Installation companies that specialized in areas such as audio, home theatres, home integration, lighting control, high-end cable manufacturing and consulting. Such experience allows Steve to offer a vast range of knowledgeable options that are unique in presentation to meet the client’s individual needs.

Steve consults with each of his clients to arrive at a customized solution that works intuitively and reliably offering a calm media experience. Each solution is developed with an eye towards simplification of use. Over the years, Steve has developed a philosophy that by remaining involved in all areas of the process from design, sales and installation, his work can focus on holistic solutions that will speak (or sound) for themselves.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why his work has gained industry recognition.

  • Spaces Magazine - Featured Home Theater “Home Sweet Theater - Better Technology, Fewer Headaches Than the Multiplex” Summer 2008
  • Spaces Magazine - Featured Home Theater “Sound Bites, Expert Takes on Home Theater Technology” Fall 2007
  • Home & Design Magazine - Featured Home Theater “Getting Theatrical, A Spotlight on Four State-of-the-Art Home Theaters” Fall 2005
  • CE Pro Retailing Magazine- Interview with Steve Person “Killer Demos- Bring in the Demo Crew” February 15, 2005
  • Sales Director for CEDIA’s Electronic Systems Contractor of the Year - Starr Systems

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