Media Calm - Naim Audio Visit- Salisbury England UK
In December 2008 Media Calm visited Naim Audio Limited in Salisbury, England. Doug Graham, International Sales Manager, graciously spent his day guiding us through the factory demonstrating how Naim Audio fills all those beautiful black boxes with their special “Naim magic”. We had the opportunity to see what is involved in creating the reference quality audio products.

Naim Audio Tour December, 2008
Once you live with a Naim system, it is hard to listen to anything else. Naim has the ability to capture the essence of the music where many other systems fall short. Naim systems have soul and communicate the soul of the music. Naim Audio quality sound can be networked digitally through your home. The new Naim distributed audio system is in the same league as their great 2 channel Naim system. Depending upon what system you need, your entire home can capture the essence of the music. Your home audio experience just got soul!

Needless to say it was an informative day and I would like to thank the Naim-Audio Staff as well as my gracious hosts Doug Graham, Naim Audio Intl. Sales Manager, Steve Hopkins, Customer Relations Manager, Alan Ainslie, General Manager of Naim Net and Simon Drake, Label Manager of Naim Label.

On a final Naim note, here is a quote from my lovely wife about her Naim experience.

“Being married to Steve has taught me a lot about sound. “Saving the world from bad audio” is his personal mantra. For the last 14 years, we have had a continual testing of all kinds of audio, video and sound equipment in every room of our home. Given all the brands of equipment that have come and gone in testing, there has been one brand of audio equipment that I would call my favorite; it is Naim Audio. No matter what room it is in or what type of music I am listening to, it produces great sound. It is easy to navigate while being visually appealing. The clean lines of the equipment blend well with the aesthetics of our home. As pieces of equipment have moved on from being tested, Naim is the one company I insist that we keep permanently for our personal use.”
Wendy Person

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