"Steve Person is a Consumer Electronics and Custom Installation industry veteran who has never lost his passion for the technologies and experiences our industry has to offer. Steve has unmatched creativity and unwavering commitment to the satisfaction of his clients. I recommend Steve and his company to anyone considering doing business with him!"
—Gary Yacoubian, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® - Chairman of the Executive Board & President/ COO of MyerEmco AudioVideo

"Steve's thorough discovery process to uncover my needs was a breath of fresh air in a world where mediocre service is now the norm. Steve's depth of knowledge and passion for his craft shines through in the exemplary customer service that he provides me before, during and after the project. What I ended up with was a system that overcame rather unique obstacles to arrive at a stealth installation that transcended what I thought in-ceiling or in-wall speakers were capable of. That coupled with a music server that allows me to listen to my music at home, my office or my vacation home with the greatest of ease. Anyone can pick up the remote and work the system. I highly recommend Steve and his company to anyone who is considering his services."
—Otis Warren, Otis Warren & Company

"For over 6 years, Steve Person, has been a wonderful design resource for us at Degage Interiors in McLean, VA. He is extremely knowledgeable with the latest and best in smart house technology, audio-visual products and installation. He has provided stellar recommendations and often not to his financial gain. His service and follow up have been very reliable. We followed him to his last employer and now to his own firm. We wish him the very best and I would highly recommend him to any party. We are going to miss him in the metro Washington, D.C. region but we already have an opportunity to work together in the Atlanta area."
—Trudy Simmons, President, DEGAGE
1464 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA, 22101, 703 356 5222

"Steve Person has been our media systems coordinator for more than 4 years. As my husband and I tried to navigate the "new world" of sound systems, an updated computer system and high-end televisionswe knew immediately that we were in way over our heads! We didn't want to make expensive mistakes. Once Steve Person came on board to talk us through all of our options and upgrades, we became at ease knowing that we had such a caring and knowledgeable professional to help us through the intimidating process. Steve offered us unparalleled advice to achieve our goals and excellent service once our systems were up and running. Steve even made sure we understood every feature of our fancy new productswe couldn't be happier that we chose Steve Person to quarterback our electronic home needs!"
— Elaine and Rodger Currie, Bethesda, MD

"Congratulations and best wishes on starting Media Calm. I hope your business is successful and that you are finding being in Atlanta to your liking. I know you will do well continuing to work with home theaters. I’m certainly going to miss collaborating on theaters with you. Your ability to walk the client through the available choices made the process easier for the client to choose the best option available to them. You also made my job so much easier. By the time I was brought in you already had a sketch of the space with the dimensions indicated, you already knew how many seats for the theater, and you already knew the orientation of the screen. Also, getting a heads up on the complex personalities of the clients helped me to deal with the clients more effectively. You had already prepared the groundwork so thoroughly that I was able to concentrate fully on the design aspects of the project. It was always a pleasure working on a theater with you, Steve. I already miss your smiling face and exuberant personality. I wish you all the best with your new company."

—Kathy Alexander, Allied Member ASID ALEXANDER INTERIORS, L.L.C.

"Steve Person provided me with unparallelled service and consultation advice to give our family the right solution for our needs based on the complicated nature of our old house and existing media solutions. He was able to streamline our media solutions to make them manageable for even our children to use. The wide array of products we were able to choose from allowed us to easily integrate our new system into our existing systems and allow us to have media access where we never thought it possible before. Steve was a DREAM, patient and so unbelievably helpful, thorough and considerate of the restrictions I had!!!!!!!” --Sam Corrigan “Thank you for finding the most awesome speakers for my home stereo system. I wanted my stereo system to sound good, but I had no idea the difference quality speakers could make. Also, thanks for taking the time to explain what I needed and what would be the best product for my current situation. I really appreciate you combining all of my equipment together so I know longer have five remote controls and I am know longer frustrated with my equipment. My media room is Fantastic! I am truly grateful for your knowledge and timely service."

—Erin Green

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